The Sacred Exists To Be Found - Anthology

Limited to 50 editions, THE SACRED EXISTS TO BE FOUND is a collection of short stories, photography, rituals, collage, non-fiction and art that examines a subjective engagement with ritual. 

Existing somewhere in between a traditional anthology and an artists book, each individual piece re-defines a personal interrogation on a private process made public, whereas collectively a thematic continuity emerges dissolving subjectivity into a broader project that re-examines what can be defined as a ’ritual’.

Full list of contents:

- Book 1
A Body Of Water by Jessica Andrews
‘Pictures Of You’ By The Cure by Alexis Marshall
As A Child I Had My Rituals by Catherine Madden
Extract From A Work In Progress by Alex Wealands
Thu Peedie Stranger by Hailey Maxwell
A Private Ritual Made Public by Dean Lloyd Robinson
Apparitions Of A Graveyard Dancer by S. Niroshini
An Introduction To Lesser Rituals by JL Bogenschneider

- Book 2
Creating A Warhammer Shoggoth by Susan Finlay
Names by Alan Murrin
At The Edge Of The Wood by Sara Elgerot
Thoughts From A Ceiling by John Henry Newton
Ambulithics by Emily Fitzell & James Rogers
Three Poems by Jack Lenton
Words For Tomorrow by Tessa Berring & Kathrine Sowerby
Evidence Of Occupancy by Elizabeth Sulis Kim


- Good Game by Theodoris Chiotis
- Untitled by James Singam
- Interre | Unearths by Emily Fitzell
- It's for the best I grow elsewhere, for your gavel slams those around you in a manner unripe by Zac Boughton
- Removing The Poison & The Dull Ache by Lydia Lazarus
- Found photo by The Aleph
- Extract from “The View from Saddleworth Moor” by Patrick Sampson - Limited to 23 editions
- Tarot Card - Limited to 23 editions

50 editions
23 special editions for contributors


Jessica Andrews writes fiction and poetry. She is interested in fragility, social class and the body. Her first novel, Saltwater, explores mother-daughter relationships, working-class identities and desire. She co-runs and organises events with literary and arts magazine, The Grapevine and teaches Literature and Creative Writing to young people. She is currently working on a project about bodies, hunger, denial and pleasure.

Tessa Berring and Kathrine Sowerby live in Edinburgh and Glasgow respectively. Their collaborative texts can be found in Zarf, Datableedzine, The Scores, A) Glimpse) Of), Tentacular Magazine and 3:AM Magazine. They regularly perform together, and produce pamphlets under their own imprint 'Usual Shoe Press'. These include BAZOOKA and Tables and Other Animals.

JL Bogenschneider and have had work published in a number of print and online journals, including Strix, Isthmus, Bridge Eight, 404 Ink, Necessary Fiction and PANK.

Zaccariah M. Broughton is an artist from Brighton. @soulsdue

Theodoros Chiotis is the editor and translator of the anthology Futures: Poetry of the Greek Crisis (Penned in the Margins, 2015). Other publications include Screen (Paper Tigers Books, 2017) and limit.less: towards an assembly of the sick (Litmus, 2017). His work has appeared in Litmus, Datableed, Forward Book of Poetry 2017, 3:am, Adventures in Form, Shearsman, amongst others. His project Mutualised Archives received the Dot Award by the Institute for the Future of Book and Bournemouth University; he has also been awarded a High Commendation from the Forward Prizes for Poetry in 2017. His artist book a dataset of one’s own was part of the exhibition Around My Room. He tweets as @selfcoding. His preferred pronouns: he/him.

Sara Elgerot is a bilingual Book Artist and Writer, living in Sweden, with a background in comparative literature and translation.

Susan Finlay is a writer and artist. For more information please see:

Emily Fitzell is an artist and researcher based in London. She is currently working on a PhD at the University of Cambridge where she also teaches literature and visual culture in the Modern Languages Faculty. Her sculptural and poetic work explores the motions of desire, ritual and dwelling - interests which also inform her collaborative practice with James Rogers. Documentation of their ongoing projects has been exhibited in New York (Arts Letters & Numbers), Paris (Mémoire de L’Avenir) and Cambridge (Heong Gallery & Festival of Ideas). As an associate of the Institute of Things to Come in Turin, she recently participated in the group exhibition Here Not Here (Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo).

Elizabeth Sulis Kim is a London-based writer and journalist with bylines in The Guardian, The Pool, The Independent, Stylist, Refinery29, Oh Comely, The Millions, and The New Orleans Review, among others. She is the editor of Cunning Folk, a new independent magazine about magic, folklore, mythology and the occult.

Lydia Lazarus is an artist whose work is predominantly autobiographical. Through analog collage, xerox manipulation, printmaking, photography & journaling, she constructs deeply personal, confessional, cathartic pieces, which she often self publishes in the form of Xeroxed zines.

Jack Lenton currently works in London as a writer for Royal Museums Greenwich. Earlier this year, he had a first book published, Kingdom of Mud with Sky Burial press. His work has appeared in Vice, Time Out and he was nominated for Canterbury Festival’s Poet of the Year in 2017.

Catherine Madden is from Birkenhead and lives in London. She writes fiction and poetry. She is a founding co-editor of art and literary zine, The Grapevine. Her work has been published in such places as 3:AM Magazine, Oh Comely Magazine and with the Papaya Press. You can read more of her writing at

Alexis Marshall is a musician and poet, roaming, nomadically, the United States and elsewhere.

Hailey Maxwell is a Glaswegian working across art history, critical theory and writing. Her work can be found in a variety of places, including Flash Art, ALIENIST and 3:AM Magazine She is currently working on her PhD on Georges Bataille's atheology and his collaborative work in the 1920s and 30.

Alan Murrin is a fiction writer from Donegal. He is a graduate of the prose fiction masters at the University fo East Anglia. His work has appeared in the Cardiff Review. He has been shortlisted for the Irish Arts and Writers festival short story contest and the New Irish Writing in Germany prize. He lives in Berlin.

John Henry Newton (born Swindon, 1988) is an artist based in Crystal Palace, South London. He is also a member of the band JOHN.

S. Niroshini is a writer and poet based in east London. Her poems, writing and photography has been published variously, including in The Good Journal, Bedtime Stories for the End of the World, Token Magazine and On Bodies: An Anthology by 3 of Cups Press.

Dean Lloyd Robinson is an artist based on the South coast of England. With a background in punk and hardcore he currently producing harsh and experimental sounds under the banner of Knifedoutofexistence, and creates strictly monochrome visual art, with a focus on photocopier based work.

James Rogers is an artist and architectural assistant based in London. Having studied Architecture at the University of Cambridge and the CASS School of Art in London, his current work focusses on social housing projects in London. His collaborative sculptural practice with Emily Fitzell explores the act of placemaking through site specific interventions which occupy a space between architecture and sculpture. Documentation of their ongoing projects has been exhibited in New York (Arts Letters & Numbers), Paris (Mémoire de L’Avenir) and Cambridge (Heong Gallery & Festival of Ideas).

Patrick Sampson is a photographer based in London.

James Singam is a screen printer and artist from London.

Alex Wealands is a writer and musician living and working in London.