The View From Saddleworth Moor

The View From Saddleworth Moor is an exploration of proximity, a closeness that cannot be touched, something too close, something too far. With relentless precision, this book brings together a series of photographs taken on Saddleworth Moor that unfold into multiple narratives simultaneously revealing everything and nothing; the world and a void. Each image provides an intimate landscape of detail to be navigated and traversed through allowing the viewer to reveal fragments that question themselves, endlessly regenerating with nothing to pinpoint. The photos reveal an intimate story, one denied closure and one that addresses the darkest recesses of the mind.  

Each book is handmade with screen printed artwork and accompanying essay. The pages feature hand-cut inlays where the photographs inside the book may be removed and reinserted if needed.

Patrick Sampson is a London-based visual artist, whose works take a nihilistic view and often scrutinises the human condition through religious iconography, mythological symbolism and allegory.

24pp, limited to 25.