Rosie Šnajdr - We Are Cosmonauts

Now available as a free PDF & a ltd. edition pamphlet of 21 copies (Feb 2019)
a collaborative publishing project with Hesterglock Press

Jan 1: FREE PDF (download below)

Rosie Šnajdr - We Are Cosmonauts - Download File

"Zero-nine-zero-seven. Moscow Time. “Preliminary stage...” Hah. Got to… “ Intermediate...” Huh. Got to say. “Main…” Nuh. Jelly spine. Numb ass. Got to say something. “LIFT OFF!” Whoof. “Have a good flight. Everything is A-OK.” The rockets’ rumble rubbing teeth to cinders. Is that “A-OK”? Need. Need to say something brave. Here we go: “Poyekhali!” Here we go into the history books. The G-force misshaping the smile. Brain compacting in base of skull like Tushonka. Sinking to into helmet. Help."

Rosie Šnajdr is an experimental fiction writer, editor & academic. Author of A Hypocritical Reader (Dostoyevsky Wannabe 2018). Her work has appeared in The Cambridge Literary Review, Liberating the Canon: An Anthology of Innovative Literature (Dostoyevsky Wannabe) and is forthcoming in the Chicago Review's #MeToo Poetry Collective, and in Egress Magazine issue 2.

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