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[TA013] - Glaives of Ire (CS)
[TA012] - Ferine Demo (CS)
[TA011] - "Carousel" by Gabrielle Bates (pamphlet)
[TA010] - 'This time, The Serpent' by The Aleph editors (livre d'artiste)
[TA009] - 'Bootleg Vol.1' (zine)
[TA008] - Sacred Flaw Collaboration (jewellery)
[TA007] - Hate BMX (shirt)
[TA006] 'The View from Saddleworth Moor' by Patrick Sampson (photozine)
[TA005] - 'so good and so filling' by Catherine Madden & Jessica Andrews (pamphlet)
[TA004] - Stirrings Still "Opuscule I" (CS)
[TA003] - Natural Orthodoxy/Leo Split (CS)
[TA002] - Companion Bikes (shirt)
[TA001] - The Aleph (patch)



[TA014] - 'The White Cat' by NJ Stallard (writing) - WINNER OF THE ALEPH WRITING PRIZE 2018
[TA015] - 'We Are Cosmonauts' by Rosie Šnajdr - Collaboration with Hesterglock Press (writing)